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Clocking the System

As you finish system please try to determine how fast they run, so we can have some idea of how fast the system will run before it is complete.
*Camera: Running all code except for circle detection, ~35hz, .029s per cycle!!!!
For 0.5 increment in angle: ~ 5hz (update only and same for update + circle detection)
For 1 increment in angle: ~ 10hz (update only and same thing for update + circle detection)
But they are ordering new links so we may go up to 75hz

  • The delay of the system is the sum of delays in all subsystems.
  • We have two different system. I just ran a test, on the actual system, it ran 10^9 empty loops in 7.01s, while on the test machines, the times are 1.55s(right) and 1.47s(left)


First Sprint(Feb 2nd, 2009)
Second Sprint(Feb 19th, 2009)


Everyone should make sure they have done these things by the end of the first sprint

Name Get Access to Pinkbull Checkout and Commit something to the Repository Read the 2009 IGVC rules
Sam X todo X
Richard X X X
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