Type-72 Ap

Characteristic of Type-72: AP

Type: Anti-personnel

Manufacturer: Chinese

Countries Used in: Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, China, Eritrea, Iraq, Kurdistan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mozambique, Namibia, Peru, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Laos, Taiwan and Thailand.

Height: 38mm
Diameter: 78mm

Explosive Content: 51g TNT-RDX

Material: Non-Metal Plastic Cased, the metal content of the mine is so low that it can be impossible to detect

Activation Method:
Operated by applying pressure which causes a non-metallic Bellville spring to "click-through." A metal pin in the centre of the belville spring strikes a small aluminium cased pyrotechnic, which fires the detonator that is beneath it inside an RDX booster. The booster detonates and its shock-wave initiates the 50g TNT main charge in the mine.

Safety Distance:
Frag range of 10m.

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