Bosnia And Herzegovina

Statistics and General Info

  • 1,631 identified communities’ impacted by mines and/or unexploded ordnance.
  • still more than 220,000 mines
  • Has the highest landmine impact score in Eastern Europe

Originating Conflict

1992-1995 breakup of the the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Most Common Landmines

Suppliers of Landmines

  • Largely made from former Yugoslavian state under Tito:
    • These mines were well made, tightly sealed
    • vapors difficult to detect, corrosive resistant paint & casing
    • many can still function after 100+ yrs. (dependent on local climates and soil)
  • others major suppliers include Soviets/ Chinese/ Italian

Specific Terrain Information

  • Most mines in Zone of Separation between 2 political entities (FBiH and RS) — 1,100 km long, 4 km wide
  • Heavy contamination in agriculture belt in Br”Ko district
  • Mine incidents occur widely outside known minefield areas
    • mines were laid unconventionally, often by untrained people, sometimes under fire.
    • No records kept of individual, point minefields.
    • Often were left behind by moving combatants and never picked up.
  • Central Bosnia
  • forests
  • hills
  • arable land
  • light to dense vegetation and rocky soil


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