Desert: (no vegetation)

  • handle shifting sand and (traction)
  • withstand high winds
  • withstand extreme heat
  • dust proof
  • handle changing depth and position of mines
  • Countries and Regions
    • Algeria
    • Egypt
    • Angola

*NOTE: All pictures from demining in Egyptian desert.

  • Drawing: Typical ground structure in Alamein area. Windblown sand surrounds small bushes in shallow soil over limestone bedrock. This shows typical demining problems in the Western Desert: mines lie close to bedrock, and UXO's lie in minefield area. Extensive frag from fighting, lying on what was the surface in 1941-1943, generates many false alarms. In places, the sand has drifted to depths of up to 2 metres.

*Close up of hole showing lower layers of compacted sand which can easily be rubbed away by fingers. The upper 10 cm of sand is loose. All this sand would blow away under appropriate conditions.


An Iraqi minefield: []

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