First Week Report(Feb 2nd, 2009)

Progress should be in terms of results, if you did research or design work, make it public. If you wrote code, say explicitly what you finished or wrote on. Hopefully everyone can see the weekly progress in reasonable detail from this alone.


  • Research on the Threading System
  • Joystick tested. Works pretty fine. Input includes 3 analog ports and 8 digital ports. Should be enough for testing purposes.
  • Set up repository


  • Worked on the dataprocessor. Will try to get LidarData in the dataprocessor.


  • Worked on integrating the Lidar and running it on the onboard computer. Tested the Library and it is well integrated with the Lidar.
  • Worked on testing whether the Lidar processor accesses data correctly from the library and made sure that the processing is correct. Now Lidar Processor can perform circle intersection :)
  • Anant if you need to work with Lidar data let me know I'll meet you in the lab and inform you how to do that :)


  • Plotted large chessboard
  • Implemented IPM in the calibrator, and began testing images and camera locations
  • Implemented IPM in the processor
  • Set up repository

Kersing & Sam

  • Started UML diagram for simulator
  • OpenGL library research, e.g. SGI OpenGL SDK, Mesa, OpenSceneGraph, and etc.
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