Type: Anti-personnel

Country of Origin: ARGENTINA

Diameter (mm): 82
Height (mm): 40
Weight (g): 253
Explosive Weight (g): 152
Frag range (m): 20

Type of Explosive: RDX/TNT

Trigger Method:
Pressure on the top surface depresses an internal gate to allow the striker to pass through and fire the stab-sensitive detonator, which initiates the main charge.

Structure and Composition:
Cylindrical body has a transverse channel housing the spring-loaded striker at one end and detonator assembly at the other. The FMK-1 mine is all plastic except for the detection ring, arming pin, and firing pin spring which are steel.

Countries used in:

Neutralization: Replace safety pin
Disarming: Unscrew and remove detonator assembly
Demolition: Place 0.5kg charge beside mine

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