Hyperspectral Imaging

Takes a range of images that aren't in the human spectrum. This creates images with signatures of objects that don't match the background. These objects can then be searched for by size and difference from background material.

Here is a research paper on detecting land mines from the air using the RX algorithm


  • $85k - $500k

Depth range:

  • Surface

Power Requirements (what voltage does it run at, how much current does it pull):

  • 12 VDC battery; 5 Amps

Weight of sensor:

  • 9.7 kg

Sensitivity (false positive rate / false negative rate):

  • probability of detection around 85% with 3-4 false alarms per image in a relatively harsh clutter environment

Detection Time

  • 8 hz

Production source:

  • Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc.
    • Contacts:
      • "Nahum Gat, Ph.D., PE" moc.isko|muhan#moc.isko|muhan
      • "Joel Gat, Mr." moc.isko|leoj#moc.isko|leoj
  • ITRES Research Limited < http://www.itres.com/Landmine_Detection>
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