INS Processor

To Do

  • Test DataProcessor::vectorToGps() function [Kersing]
  • gps to vector(relative to the robot) - in DataProcessor [Sam]
  • function to take gps to mm relative to starting point (see getCoordinates()) - INSProcessor look at code Hao, Richard wrote [Kersing]
  • return gps coordinates taking AItype enum ~2 lines - ins processor [Sam]
    • getLatLonAlt(or some better name) that takes in an aiType and whatever else getGPSPosition and getNavPosition take in. And just write an if check on aitype and call gpsposition if NAVIGATION and getNavPosition if AUTONOMOUS


  • How to test INS?
  • INSController::getCoordinates()
    • Degrees in right range, but when plug these coordinates into Google Maps we're in the middle of Africa.
    • Potential floating point problems, which is probably why they're storing longitude and latitude in 1e-7 degrees as a long int.


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