Brief Description of Landmine Problem

  • Lao PDR is affected by landmines but the problem is overshadowed by the world’s worst (cluster) submunition contamination.
  • No credible estimate for the total area contaminated by UXOs and landmines in the country
  • Antipersonnel landmines were laid particularly along borders and around military bases and airfields
  • the remote location of the estimated 1,000 minefields often pose little immediate threat to the population and are not a clearance priority
  • Landmines account for only 1 percent of the total items of ordnance cleared since 1996


  • Terrain is very mountainous and has a very thick forests
  • Some plains and plateus do exist but not nearly as many
  • The topography of Laos is largely mountainous, with elevations above 500 meters typically characterized by steep terrain, narrow river valleys, and low agricultural potential. This mountainous landscape extends across most of the north of the country.
Map showing ERWs in Laos


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