Also known as the M1A1

Type: Anti-tank blast mine

Diameter (mm): 203
Height (mm): 75
Weight (g): 5300
Explosive Weight (g): 27500
Frag range (m): 500

Type of Explosive: TNT

Trigger Method:
Pressure activated. Pressure on the spider is transferred to the head of the fuze, where it breaks an internal shear pin and depresses an internal collar to release a striker retaining ball. This releases the spring-loaded striker onto the detonator to initiate the booster and main charge.

Structure and Components:
The main body of the mine is filled with explosive and has a large central fuze cavity. This accepts a fuze assembly with a built-in booster. A steel spider assembly fits onto the top of the mine, with the bars bearing on the top of the protruding fuze striker. The main body and fuze is made of sheet steel

Countries used in:

Neutralization: Replace safety clip
Disarming: Do not disarm
Demolition: 0.5 kg charge placed beside mine

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