Characteristics of MD82B:

Type: Anti-Personnel Blast

Manufacturer: Vietnam

Countries used in: Cambodia, Vietnam

Diameter: 57mm
Height: 52 mm
Weight: 100 g
Shape: cylinder

Material: The body and pressure plate are plastic and the fuze is steel.

Explosive content: 28 g TNT

Activation Method:
Release Pressure : 4 to 5 kg on the pressure plate.
Pressure on the top surface compresses a spring in an internal steel fuze assembly.
Once the spring is fully compressed, a bar moves aside to release the striker onto the stab-sensitive detonator assembly.

Buried Description:
Buried with its cap level with the ground, usually covered with dust or leaves.
Buried during wartime, remain active for up to 50 years.

Lethal Distance:
Frag range of 10 m

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