Nuclear Quadruple Resonance

Detects specific chemical compounds in a manner similar to MRI. Matches chemical signatures exactly, 0 aflse positives.


  • 0.5-3.0 minutes stationary to confirm detection
  • Metal mines shield internal explosives from detection
  • Cannot detect TNT in the presence of AM radio stations
  • Most useful to confirm detection by other methods.

Depth range:

  • 7.6cm to 25.4 cm

Power Requirements (what voltage does it run at, how much current does it pull):

  • ~100W

Weight of sensor:

  • Around 30 pounds

Sensitivity (false positive rate / false negative rate):

  • Better than 99% effective, with close to 0 false positives


  • ~$5000

Production source:

  • Quantum Magnetics (working on a "backpack" version)
  • Contact: Quantum Magnetics 858-605-5500
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