Pomz 2

Characteristic of POMZ-2:


Type: Wooden Stake mounted anti-personnel fragmentation mine

Manufacturer: Russian

Countries Used in: Afghanistan, Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Cuba, Czech Repulic, Ethiopia, Germany, Honduras, Iraq, Laos, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Oman, Russia, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Thailand, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, and etc.

Diameter:60 mm

Hollow cylindrical-cast iron fragmentation sleeve, large amounts of fragments casts, and wooden stake.
Easily Detectable.

Explosive Content: 75 g TNT

Activation Method:
An MUV-type tripwire fuze. Pull on the tripwire extracts the striker retaining pin, releasing the spring-loaded striker onto the stab-sensitive detonator assembly. Multiple tripwires may be used.

Safety Distance:
a lethal range of 50 m

Buried Depth:
"Chuck" protrudes above the tround, as shown in picture.

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