Terrain Research

Research Summaries

Research subject header, Bullet points, then Sources
Each person should put up what they've learned in the last two weeks.

New specific information to a certain region goes on these pages:
Southeast Asia
East Europe
South America
Middle East

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Terrain Summaries

Terrain descriptions already up from minutes. give links to pictures (on pinkbull, or url)
Swamps etc
Deciduous Forest
Dense Rainforest


- Cambodian Mine Action Authority (CMAA)

• [http://www.cmaa.gov.kh/]
• Minesweeper Contact Point: Stephen Jablonski (ude.llenroc|33jes#ude.llenroc|33jes)

- Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD)

• [http://www.gichd.org/]
• Erik Tollefsen:
- gro.dhcig|nesfellot.e#gro.dhcig|nesfellot.e
- Technology Officer
• Minesweeper Contact Point: Matt Christensen (ude.llenroc|824cam#ude.llenroc|824cam)

- International Test and Evaluation Program for humanitarian demining (ITEP)

• [http://www.itep.ws/]
• Franciska Borry:
- sw.peti|yrrob.aksicnarf#sw.peti|yrrob.aksicnarf
- ITEP Secretariat
• Minesweeper Contact Point: Matt Christensen (ude.llenroc|824cam#ude.llenroc|824cam)

- U.S. Humanitarian Demining R&D Program

• [http://www.humanitarian-demining.org/]
• Francis Navish:
- lim.ymra.su|hsivan.sicnarf#lim.ymra.su|hsivan.sicnarf
- detection team leader
• Minesweeper Contact Point: Matt Christensen (ude.llenroc|824cam#ude.llenroc|824cam)

- Demining Research at the University of Western Australia

• [http://school.mech.uwa.edu.au/~jamest/demining/index.html]
• James Trevelyan
- ua.ude.awu|nayleverT.semaJ#ua.ude.awu|nayleverT.semaJ
- Mechatronics Professor, UWA, Head of Demining Research
• Minesweeper Contact Point: Matt Christensen (ude.llenroc|824cam#ude.llenroc|824cam)

- AVS Mine Action Consultants

• [http://www.nolandmines.com/]
• Andy Smith
- moc.senimdnalon|sva#moc.senimdnalon|sva
- Mine Action Specialist
• Minesweeper Contact Point: Matt Christensen (ude.llenroc|824cam#ude.llenroc|824cam)

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