Summary of testing of AutonomousAI
Performed by Clauda
Using: dummy classes for all other classes except AI and autonomous

Verified stuff
- Direction of movement is determined from line detected by the cam: VERIFIED
- Movement uses the Lidar preprocessing of data to determine if right or left is better and updates movement direction: VERIFIED
- Performs circle intersect:
o If no collision then uses this as a direction: VERIFIED
o If collision chooses another smaller circle: VERIFIED
o If cannot move in that direction pops back: VERIFIED
- Movement checks against the general direction of the robot and modifies it accordingly: VERIFIED for all cases except 1 need to resolve the problem when robot turns sideways between two successive close obstacle
- Sets the speed taking into consideration the size of the circle: VERIFIED

- The case where 2 successive obstacles are present is not well thought of
- Need to make sure when moving left or right (using the lidar preprocessing of left and right segments of the track) that we are away enough from the border.

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