Brief Description of Landmine Problem

  • Thailand’s border area with Cambodia is the most seriously affected region in the country. It contains three quarters of the contaminated land and the majority of highly impacted communities. More than half of the mine incidents in Thailand have occurred on this border.
  • Contamination on the border with Laos is limited and on the border with Malaysia is negligible.
  • Periodic spillover into Thailand of fighting between Myanmar government forces and Burmese non-state armed groups has deterred efforts either to survey or clear affected areas on the border.
  • The main impact of mines and ERW on these borders is to prevent use of forest resources, cropland, pasture, and water resources. Residential areas, roads and other major infrastructure are rarely affected.
  • Over one third of the mined areas in Thailand are easily accessible and have a clearly delineated boundary on all sides. This facilitates rapid marking and subsequent clearance activities


  • Mountains cover much of northern Thailand and extend along the Myanmar border
  • In the northeastern part of the country is region of gently rolling low hills and shallow lakes
  • Central Thailand, is a natural self-contained basin with large rice agriculture
  • Myanmar border has mountainous evergreen forest and dry deciduous forest
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