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TS-50 Mine

General Info

  • Normally scatter-dropped by helicopter from DAT mine dispenser system, can be hand-laid
  • Waterproof (functions in up to 1meter water)
  • Fairly resistant to explosive overpressure clearance methods
  • Can function upside down
  • Extremely similar to VS-50 variant
  • Uses nonmagnetic metals


  • Type: pressure activated, minimum metal, blast antipersonnel (APERS) mine
  • Manufacturer: Italy
  • Diameter: 90mm
  • Height: 46mm
  • Weight: 187g
  • Explosive: 54g RDX
  • Range: 15m
  • Composition: plastic casing, rubber pressure plate
  • Operating pressure: 12.5kg

Internal Workings
Pressure on the mine forces air through a diapragm into a small rubber air bag, which inflates and releases a striker to hit detonator.
The mine is constructed from three main assemblies: the top and bottom screw onto a central section housing the fuze mechanism. The rubber pressure pad, reinforced with either a metal or plastic plate seals the cavity in the top of the mine. In the central section, the fuze has a spring-loaded striker retained by two balls in a collar within a pivoting plastic arm. At one end of the arm is a small spring to hold it in position, at the other there is a small inflatable air bag. The air bag is fitted onto an air metering disc which contains a tiny passageway to conduct air from the upper cavity into the air bag. The base section holds the main charge and has a central threaded detonator well.
The mines are normally olive-drab, or khaki (sand) colored

Diagram of TS-50
Section Diagram


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