Valmara 69
Type: Anti-personnel, Bounding

Country of Origin: Italy
Manufacturer: Valsella

Diameter: 130mm
Height: 205 mm

Weight: 3200g

Type of Explosive: Composition B

Trigger Method:
Tilt of fuze cap, either by pressure on one of prongs or a pull on an attached tripwire. A striker under the fuze lights an igniter in the center of the mine which ignites a propelling charge at the base of the mine. The mine is then propelled upwards, out of the ground. When the mine reaches a height of 45cm, a springloaded central plunger triggers the main charge.

Trigger Weight: 10 kg pressure or 6 kg pull

Internal Components:
Detonator Firing Pin
Fragmentation Canister
Propelling Charge Cup
Lockball Assembly
Ejection Charge Firing Pin
Firing Cable
Propelling Charge

Safety Distance:
The mine and its steel fragments have a lethal radius of 25m

Located In:
Western Sahara

Buried Depth:
Very shallow. Buried so majority of mine is underground with fuze cap exposed.
Or hidden beneath heavy undergroath.

Render Safe Procedure:
1. Replace forked safety clip
2. Trace and cut any attached wires
3. Using remote means, remove mine from ground
4. Unscrew 5 pronged fuze holding the knurled edge and avoiding contact
with the prongs
5. Remove fuze complete from mine
6. Invert mine and remove detonator from central pocket
7. If inner container has ejected
a. Gag firing pin
b. Cut firing cable
c. Remove for final disposal

Methods of Planting:
Laid along with minimum metal mines, which complicates demining process

Very easy to detect with metal detector because of its steel fragments

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